Leveling the playing field


of elected officials in Louisiana are white men

...despite only making up 29% of the state's population. Louisiana ranks last in the United States in the National Representation Index.


as many Bills passed by the average female legislator

...as her male counterpart in a study of a recent session of Congress. Women are better at building coalitions and building consensus and get more done. This is desperately needed in a state with a $648 million budget deficit.


is all each woman voter would have to give to fully fund female candidates for every seat in congress 

In 2010, 63% of donations to individual candidates were made by men. Women are strong fundraisers, but they need your help.


Representation 2020, a nonpartisan initiative committed to achieving gender parity in our appointed and elected offices in the United States, ranks Louisiana 47 out of 50 states with a gender parity score of 9.8 out of a 100.  In 2014 Louisiana's gender parity score peaked at 15.7, but since this time we have witnessed a sharp decline in women's political representation.  

*Twenty percent (20%) of the state’s population is comprised of men of color with 18% of elected officials being from this demographic.  

* Women of color make up 21% of the population, but only hold 5% of elective office. 

* White women are the largest demographic in our state making up 30% of the population while only 10% serve as elected officials.  

Based on these statistics, it is clear Louisiana has a great deal of work to do before our political leadership mirrors the population of our state, a concept otherwise known as Reflective Democracy.  The unsettling disparity between our state's demographics and our elected leaders is likely structural and systemic in nature.  As a matter of fact, the current political system was never built to include women.  Economic barriers, gate keepers, and voting systems serve as powerful obstacles to women running for office. Les Femmes PAC was developed to disrupt the present system by leveling the playing field for Democratic female candidates.