Our Story

Les Femmes PAC (LFP) has been a project several years in the making. In 2014, that Kea Sherman first realized Louisiana desperately needed a political action committee focused solely on electing Democratic women. While helping to launch the Emerge Louisiana affiliate in 2017, Sherman crossed paths with kindred spirit, Latanja Silvester, who is the President of SEIU Local21LA. Silvester serves on the inaugural Emerge Louisiana Board of Directors alongside Sherman. The two women quickly hit if off realizing they shared a common vision for improving the political landscape of Louisiana. A few months later, Sherman and Silvester partnered to launch Les Femmes PAC, the first political action committee of its kind in the state.


Les Femmes PAC will endorse candidates for the Louisiana State Legislature and statewide office and lend them financial and other support. We understand that building the bench with future leaders will be critical to our success and ultimately in accomplishing our mission. To that end, we also plan to invest in Democratic women running in local races.

Central to our mission is the belief that electing more female public officials is the solution to the corrosive, partisan gridlock we are witnessing in D.C. and that has recently crept into our state politics. We are guided by studies that have shown women are less frequently driven by a win-at-all-costs attitude and, when included in the decision-making process, they foster cooperation and get more done. For these reasons and many more, Les Femmes PAC is committed to electing talented, Democratic women, who reflect the diversity of their communities.

What We Do

Les Femmes PAC is a grassroots fundraising organization that endorses and supports Democratic women running for statewide office in Louisiana. We provide a network of financial and volunteer support to erase the barriers that have prevented women from achieving equal representation in our state government.

Our vision is to create a state-wide coalition that will offer a network of support to our candidates through a variety of resources. Les Femmes PAC is the critical next step in a broader initiative already underway in Louisiana. The PAC plans to work closely with Emerge Louisiana, which is the state’s premier organization for recruiting and training Democratic women to run for political office.