A  Statewide, Grassroots Fundraising Organization Poised to Change the Face of Politics in Louisiana

NEW ORLEANS, LA, May 23, 2018 - Kea Sherman and LaTanja Silvester are thrilled to announce the launch of Les Femmes PAC, french for the women’s PAC,  today in Louisiana. The statewide, grassroots fundraising organization is the first political action committee of its kind in Louisiana, committed to endorsing and supporting Democratic women running for state and local office. Endorsed candidates will benefit from a network of support from across the state. These women will not only receive the financial support they need to help run an effective campaign, but they will also gain assistance through coordinated volunteer efforts led by Les Femmes PAC’s individual members. 

Les Femmes PAC has been a project several years in the making.  It was in 2014 that Co-Founder, Kea Sherman, noticed women were not being adequately represented at the state and local levels of government. Sherman realized that Louisiana desperately needed a political action committee focused entirely on electing Democratic women.  Since this time, Louisiana has been trending in the wrong direction with a significant decrease in the number of female elected officials.

“The current political system was not conceived with women in mind. Economic barriers, gate keepers, and voting systems serve as powerful obstacles to women being elected to office. Les Femmes PAC was developed to level the playing field,” said Kea Sherman, Co-Founder of Les Femmes PAC. “Les Femmes PAC was designed to provide an advantage to endorsed candidates through a myriad of support, which we believe will reverse the current trend by increasing the number of female elected officials. Our goal is to achieve equal representation in state and local government and to flip a few seats from red to blue while we are at it.”

Les Femmes PAC is the critical next step in a broader initiative already underway in Louisiana to elect more Democratic women.  Kea Sherman is a Co-Founder of Emerge Louisiana. Sherman and Silvester both serve on the inaugural Emerge Louisiana Board of Directors. It was during the launch of Emerge Louisiana that Sherman and Silvester, who is the President of SEIU Local21LA, were able to connect on their shared views on how to improve the political landscape in Louisiana. 

"Women are running for office and winning because we are dissatisfied with the direction of this country. But we also know that in order for women to be the face of politics in the South, there must be a concerted effort to provide political backing and economic support; Les Femmes Pac will be that for Democratic women seeking office in Louisiana."added Latanja Silvester, Co-Founder of Les Femmes PAC. 

The PAC plans to invest in Democratic women running for the Louisiana Legislature, as well as in statewide and local races, such as school board and at the city, or parish level, in order to build the bench with future leaders.

Les Femmes PAC  is founded on the belief that electing more women with democratic values is critical to reversing the D.C. style partisanship that has crept into our state's politics. The PAC is committed to electing accomplished women, who reflect the diversity of their communities.


About Les Femmes PAC

Les Femmes PAC (LFP) is a statewide, grassroots fundraising organization and the first political action committee of its kind in Louisiana.  Co-founded by Kea Sherman and Latanja Silvester, LFP is comprised of individual members who will support Les Femmes PAC endorsed candidates through fundraising, door knocking, phone banking and other GOTV efforts. The organization will lend financial and other types of support to our endorsed candidates running in statewide races and for the Louisiana State Legislature. The PAC is committed to investing in Democratic women running in local races and  is determined to elect more diverse political leaders who are representative of the citizenry in Louisiana.

For more information and to support Les Femmes PAC, please visit https://www.lesfemmespac.com  and follow the PAC on Twitter @lesfemmespac.

Kea Sherman